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KCB Bank was chartered by Kearney families in 1887 as the Kearney Commercial Bank.  As our original name implies, our founding mission was to make commercial loans and provide banking services to the many small businesses which formed the community of Kearney, Missouri.

KCB has come a long way since that time.  The original founding capital for the bank was $10,000 which was a significant amount in 1887.  Today, total bank capital is in excess of $25,000,000.  The city of Kearney has changed as well, growing from a small rural town to a growing suburban community.  This mutual growth has provided one of KCB’s basic beliefs which is contained in our Mission Statement that “Our success will mirror the communities we serve because community banking is our business”.  We take it as a basic truth that we can only prosper by assisting our friends and neighbors within the communities we serve to prosper.

We further pledge to build these relationships through superior customer care while providing innovative financial services.  KCB will maintain this sound, profitable growth while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.  These beliefs form the basis of our mission statement, and are a pledge to you, our customer.

A Message From The President

Since the founding of KCB Bank more than 125 years ago, one core belief has remained the same: this bank cannot prosper unless you, our customer, also prosper.  By extension, this also includes the communities we serve.

This is partially why our officers and employees can be found in nearly every service club, chamber group, development organization, or charitable organization within the communities we serve.  These representatives of KCB also go to uncommon efforts to stay abreast of banking regulations to provide innovative services to you, with the utmost in integrity and efficiency.

Lastly, we recognize that it takes more than just good intentions; it takes a continuing effort to provide superior services with superior service.  When you need the best, at KCB, consider it done.

Larry Ellington,
KCB Bank