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KCB Bank Notices

Cyber Security

KCB Bank takes your financial privacy seriously.  We have established protocols to protect your sensitive financial information.   We want to remind you of important ways you can help keep your information safe.

In the aftermath of the Equifax data breach, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is encouraging consumers to consider placing credit freezes with the three major credit reporting agencies.  Read the Fraud Alert/Security Freeze document located on the Online Security Information  tab to help you determine the appropriate action for you. You will find other useful online security resource materials here too.

Please also visit our Identity Theft Prevention video in our Online Education Center.  If you become a victim of identity theft, download our free Identity Theft Emergency Repair Kit.  It provides you step by step instructions and forms to help you restore your identity


Experiencing trouble accessing online banking?

If you are receiving an error message and cannot access online banking, see our troubleshooting instructions: Online Banking Security Changes


Experiencing trouble accessing mobile banking?

If you are receiving an error message and cannot access mobile banking, see our troubleshooting instructions: Mobile Banking Security Changes


Online Banking Alerts

Want to know when your balance is low or a deposit is made?

Monitor your accounts and get instant updates wherever you are.

Choose the account alerts you want and receive them by email, text, or both.

Go to SERVICES then ALERTS on your online banking to stay informed and in control!


KCB Bank is Pleased to Introduce Our New Email Address

Email is the perfect way to stay connected and keep you in-the-know about our latest specials, new services, and exciting updates.  Add to your safe sender list so you don't miss a thing.  Remember, WE will NEVER use email to ask you for any information. 


Better Banking Means Safety Away From Home

Are you traveling sometime soon? Let us know.

KCB Bank is always monitoring for fraud. If you're traveling sometime soon, let us know before you leave home. We'll make a notation on your debit card, so usage at your destination won't be flagged as fraud. Here are three easy ways to contact us:

-Call us at 816-628-6050

-Send a secure email through your online banking access

-Stop by any of our convenient locations

Your safety and privacy are important to us!


Better Banking Means KCB is Looking Out for You!

"We want you to know that KCB is ready when retailer data breaches occur.  We employ real time monitoring of the activity on your debit card and alert you when we see suspicious transactions.  When large scale data breaches occur we increase the monitoring of purchases made at the affected retailers so we can help identify any suspicious activity as it occurs.  KCB will contact you if suspicious activity is detected or if additional security measures need to be taken to protect your account information.  There are two important steps you can take to protect yourself:

(1)    Monitor the activity on your account by reviewing your monthly statement as soon as possible, or reviewing your account information 24/7 through online banking or Telebank at 816-628-9924.  If you are not currently signed up for online banking, please visit the "Personal Enroll Now" or "Business Enroll Now" links in the upper left corner of this page.

(2)    Ensure we have your current contact information (phone number and address) on file so that you can be contacted immediately if suspicious activity is identified and so we can identify you if information is requested on your account.  You can update your contact information one of two ways:  submit a request through online banking by clicking on "Services" and "Change Info" in the gray box on the left side of the home page in online banking or stop by any of our locations – we would love to see you!"

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