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October is Cyber Security Month

KCB Bank takes your financial privacy seriously.  We have established protocols to protect your sensitive financial information.  In recognition of Cyber Security Month, we want to remind you of important ways you can help keep your information safe.

In the aftermath of the Equifax data breach, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is encouraging consumers to consider placing credit freezes with the three major credit reporting agencies.  Visit our Online Security Information tab to help you determine the appropriate action for you. You will find other useful online security resource materials here too.

Please also visit our Identity Theft Prevention video in our Online Education Center.  If you become a victim of identity theft, download our free Identity Theft Emergency Repair Kit.  It provides you step by step instructions and forms to help you restore your identity.

2017 Community Banking Month Winner

During Community Banking Month, we asked you to nominate your favorite charity for a chance to win a $1,000 donation. We appreciate your input and are pleased to announce that a winner has been chosen. Here is more information on our winner and other finalists.

Online Banking

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Introducing ¢entsible Savings

Want an easier way to save?  You can have your debit card transactions rounded up to the next whole dollar amount and have the “spare change” deposited into a savings or checking account.  Talk to an FSR today and start saving!

Introducing CardValet

Your card, on your terms.  With KCB Bank and CardValet, you can manage your finances by controlling how, when, and where your debit card is used through your mobile device.

-Disable a lost or stolen card

-Set spending limits

-Get activity alerts

Visit an FSR for more information or download the CardValet app to get started.

Learn about CardValet here

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Community Involvement

As your Community Bank we want you to benefit from the various resources that we have posted.  We also want you to be aware of upcoming community events and activities.  Please take a moment and look at the Community Involvement tab for August.  We hope that you enjoy these upcoming events!